mark hamer

Minecraft: Story Mode Netflix

Minecraft: Story Mode Netflix (2018) is an interactive tv series made for Netflix by Telltale Games, based on an original game of the same name. It was the first broadcast project for Telltale, and the first feature-length interactive program for Netflix, and required an entirely new art production pipeline and tools.

As the Art Director for this series I was responsible for overseeing the redesign and remastering of the original game into a broadcast-ready interactive series for Netflix. This included directing the design of a new user interface, defining the art and rendering pipeline, overseeing the re-authoring of art and animation assets to meet broadcast standards, managing and directing the art and lighting teams, identifying appropriate tools, and interfacing with Netflix for integration support.

Here are a few samples of the many marketing and interface screens I created for Netflix that highlight the art direction and interactive design of the series.